Nov 8, 2020
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Tower Hobbies Ad Campaign

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F-16 Falcon 64mm EDF Jet

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The E-flite F-16 Falcon 64mm EDF jet features a 4S-compatible power system and an 11-blade fan to deliver amazing performance. It’s also available with AS3X and SAFE Select technologies that make it the easiest and most fun to fly Falcon yet!

The E-flite F-16 Falcon is now in stock at Tower Hobbies!

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$899.99 = 1/5 OUTCAST 4X4 8S BLX Stunt Truck RTR
$319.99 = 1/10 GRANITE 4X4 V3 3S BLX Brushless Monster Truck RTR
$519.99 = 1/10 SCX10 III Jeep JT Gladiator Rock Crawler with Portals RTR
$319.99 = 1/10 BIG ROCK 4X4 V3 3S BLX Brushless Monster Truck RTR, Black
$449.99 = 1/10 SCX10 II UMG10 6×6 Rock Crawler Brushed RTR
$99.99 = 1/10 Granite Voltage 2WD Brushed Mega Monster Truck RTR
$429.99 = 1/10 TENACITY TT Pro 4WD SCT Brushless RTR with Smart RTR
$119.99 = 1/24 SCX24 1967 Chevrolet C10 4WD Truck Brushed RTR
$399.99 = 1/10 KRATON 4×4 4S BLX Brushless Monster Truck with Spektrum RTR, Red






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