Oct 17, 2020
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Stellar Equipment Ad Campaign

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1000 fill power platinum down.

Body Copy:

▪︎ We are obsessed with down, and aspire to produce the best insulation garments on the market. You can compare our technical down products to any other, and you will find ours to be warmer, lighter, of a higher quality and available at a better price than any of them.

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379 EUR = W Stellar Shell Jacket Red
329 EUR = W Ultralight Down Hood BluBlack
79 EUR = W Stellar Light Mid T-Neck Red
329 EUR = W Stellar Shell Pants BluBlack
39 EUR = Stellar Merino Beanie BluBlack
29 EUR = Guide Merino Mid Tube BluBlack
39 EUR = Stellar Belt BluBlack
349 EUR = W Red Hot Parka BluBlack
99 EUR = Unisex Seamless Baselayer Black






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