How It Works

Marketers have been using swipe files since the beginning of marketing as a profession. Originally known as “scheme men.” marketers would come up with marketing “schemes” to drive business for their clients. In order to do this well, they would keep a file of all their competitor's ads and other ads in the marketplace known as a “swipe file” to be used as Inspiration to come up with more marketing ideas.

You ever heard the saying that “good artists borrow, great artists steal.” 

Well, we DON’T condone stealing! (Not only because it’s unethical, it Just Doesn't convert well!) However, borrowing ideas from other Industries is one of the most effective ways to see a lift from your ad campaigns.

We could all use a little help coming up with the ideas for our next ad campaign… That exactly why we created this swipe file you! 

To provide you with a source of inspiration, ideas, and better results for your ad campaigns! 

Now let's go over how to use the Swipe File  and get you the marketing results that you're after.

1. Scroll For Inspiration.

We have the site up in a Pinterest style so you can very easily scroll through our ads to get inspiration.

2. Review The Ad

Check the headline, body copy, google trends, and click through to the landing page to get Inspired!

3. Give It A Thumbs Up or Down

Let others know that you think of an ad by clicking on the thumbs up or down. 

4. Share It

Share the inspiration with team via socal or email! (More ways to share coming soon to the tool you use and love! )

That's it! It’s very simple, easy to use, and extremely effective! 

Ready to be inspired? Click here to get started!