Dec 22, 2020
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HIDEit Mounts Ad Campaign

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Header Copy:

Organize Your Gear TODAY

Body Copy:

Tired of snow gear all over the place? We were too, so we made mounts for it all! 💪

✅ Mount skis, snowboards, helmets + more
✅ Display your fave boards + skis
✅ Store old + unused sports gear

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$10.00 = HIDEit VBat | Vertical Baseball Bat Mount
$20.00 = HIDEit HBat | Horizontal Baseball Bat Mount
$15.00 = HIDEit Uni-H | Universal Helmet Mount
$35.00 = HIDEit VSki | Vertical Ski Wall Mount
$20.00 = HIDEit HHockey | Horizontal Hockey Stick Mount
$35.00 = HIDEit VBike | Vertical Bike Wall Mount
$29.00 = HIDEit Mini Bat | Horizontal Mini Bat Mount
$19.00 = HIDEit HBoard | Horizontal Snowboard Mount Clips
$35.00 = HIDEit DSkate | Vertical Display Skateboard Mount
$16.00 = HIDEit VSkate | Vertical Skateboard Mount






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