Dec 17, 2020
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What Fertility Specialists Won’t Tell You About

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My partner and I have been trying to conceive for over a year. We even went to a fertility specialist and participated in multiple medicated monitored cycles, spent THOUSANDS of dollars, only to be heartbroken and disappointed (and quite financial tapped).

One of my dear friends called me immediately, she SWORE by this product, and touted that she was pregnant before she finished the first bottle.

A little too good to believe, in my opinion, but the price was reasonable and I figured I could just add it to the prenatal vitamins I was already taking.

I added them to my prenatal routine, at this point, just hoping I could regulate my cycle a little to make it easier to chart ovulation. Well…. My next period never showed up, despite all the usual signs of PMS, a week went by so I took a pregnancy test…. Positive.

I can’t guarantee you’ll conceive from taking this supplement, but I CAN tell you there are now 2 different women I know personally that are now planning to have two beautiful children because of this product. It’s changed my life. Holy smokes we made a baby!!!”

10,000+ 5 Star Reviews

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🍼 Balance Hormones
👼 Aid Ovulation

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