Oct 4, 2020
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Chiropractor Vernon Hills IL Nathan Raders DC Ad Campaign

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Chiropractor Vernon Hills IL Nathan Raders DC

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Ear infections👂, aggression and irritability😡, tantrums, ADHD, anxiety, trouble sleeping😴💤, sensitivity to several foods🥜🥚🌾, and dyslexia are all things Kenton has dealt with in his young life.

Kenton’s mom saw one of our FB posts and thought sge should look into what we do. In the short amount of time we’ve been seeing Keaton things are changing for the better. Mom reports improvement in walking/running (runs more when he plays), sleeping better, happier, and takes less time to cool down after an emotional outburst.

🌟🌟We ❤ L O V E ♥ the progress so far Kenton!! Keep up the great work!!

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