Nov 26, 2020
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Bishop Rotary Ad Campaign

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Bishop Rotary

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Take back YOUR time! Soon the lines will be runnin’ out the door to get in your chair and we want you to be as efficient as possible with your clients!
The Disposable WAND Grips went head-to-head against the Standard Aluminum WAND Grips in a timed trial. The proof is in the pudding. 11 seconds versus 47.
Not only are you saving time, but you are providing a safe and sterile experience for your clients.
Click our bio link to grab your Disposable WAND Grips. Wishing you all a wonderful day!
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$29.95 = 3/4″ Disposable WAND Grips – Box of 15 in Black
$29.95 = 1″ Disposable WAND Grips – Box of 15 in Black
$29.95 = 1.25″ Disposable WAND Grips – Box of 15 in Black
$29.95 = 2″ Disposable WAND Grips – Box of 10 in Black






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